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The complete list of chapters and subtopics of the class 10 NCERT textbook is provided below. Students can visit every subtopic by clicking the links provided and can learn in detail about all the concepts covered in Class 10 Physics.

The list of chapters and subtopics given below is prepared according to the latest syllabus of CBSE. The content provided in the respective sub-topic is designed by expert physics teachers so that students can learn the concept in-depth. Click the links below to learn all class 10 concepts in detail.

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Class 10 Physics Chapters

CHAPTER 10: Light-Reflection and Refraction

10.1 Reflection Of Light

10.2 Spherical Mirrors

10.3 Refraction Of Light

CHAPTER 11:The Human Eye And The Colourful World

11.1 The Human Eye

11.2 Defects of Vision And Their Correction

11.3 Refraction of Light Through A Prism

11.4 Dispersion Of White Light By a Glass Prism

11.5 Atmospheric Refraction

11.6 Scattering of Light

CHAPTER 12:Electricity

12.1 Electric Current and Circuit

12.2 Electric Potential and Potential Difference

12.3 Circuit Diagram

12.4 Ohm’s Law

12.5 Factors on which the Resistance of a Conductor depends

12.6 Resistance Of a System of Resistors

12.7 Heating Effect of Electric Current

12.8 Electric Power

CHAPTER 13: Magnetic Effects Of Electric Current

13.1 Magnetic Field and Field Lines

13.2 Magnetic Field due to a Current-Carrying Conductor

13.3 Force on a Current-Carrying Conductor in a Magnetic Field

13.4 Electric Motor

13.5 Electromagnetic Induction

13.6 Electric Generator

13.7 Domestic Electric Circuits

CHAPTER 14: Sources Of Energy

14.1 What is a good source of energy?

14.2 Conventional Sources of Energy

14.3 Alternative or Non-Conventional Sources of Energy

14.4 Environmental Consequences

14.5 How Long will an Energy Source last us?

CHAPTER 15: Our Environment

15.1 What Happens When We Add Waste To The Environment?

15.2 Eco System – What Are Its Components?

15.3 How Do Our Activities Affect The Environment?

CHAPTER 16: Management of Natural Resources

16.1 Why Do We Need To Manage Our Resources?

16. 2 Forests and WildFire

16.3 Water For All

16.4 Coal and Petroleum

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Physics is one of the most interesting subjects which is filled with numerous engaging concepts. The concepts taught in the 10th standard are the fundamentals of the subject. Students must learn these concepts in-depth to develop their skills in the subject and build a strong foundation.

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