Physics Formulas

Physics is all about articulating the things rather than memorizing them up. When individuals are doing so, one come across many concepts, problems etc. where they have to use their imagination, ability, creativity and good sort of potential. Physics makes noteworthy offerings in new technologies that rise from theoretical advances. For instance, advances in comprehension of electromagnetism or nuclear physics led directly to the improvement of new products such as computers, television, home appliances, and nuclear weaponrys; developments in thermodynamics led to the advancement of industrialization, and the progress in mechanics inspired the development of calculus. Conceptual understanding is a basic block without which you are nowhere.

Physics Formula

Only when one understands the theories thoroughly, they can easily find the relation between the quantities by which they can construct the formulas, derive it and learning them will be simple.

Questions in physics are something which challenges your skills and physics knowledge which are grounded on three things

  1. Examine what is provided and what is asked in the numerical
  2. Making use of the correct formula
  3. Filling in the values and computing properly.

To crack these kinds of challenges, one needs to have a proper understanding of physics formula as well as its concepts. 

On our pages, we provide you all physics formulas in a simple format in our effort to create a site where a scholar can get any sought after formulas. To comprehend it in problem-solving or conceptually, students can get help from our tutors who are accessible 24/7.

Wheatstone Bridge FormulaPlanetary Formulas

PHYSICS Formulas
Absolute Pressure Formula Acceleration Formula
Angle between Two Vectors Formula Average Force Formula
Amplitude Formula Acceleration due to Gravity Formula
Archimedes Principle Formula Ampere’s Law Formula
Angular Acceleration Formula Air Resistance Formula
Angular Momentum Formula Angular Displacement Formula
Average Speed Formula Angular Speed Formula
Average Acceleration Formula Angular Velocity Formula
Buoyancy Formula Beat Frequency Formula
Brewster’s Law Average Velocity Formula
Bulk Modulus Formula Beam Deflection Formula
Capacitance Formula Buffer Solution Formula
Bernoulli’s Equation Formula Center of Mass Formula
Current Density Formula Cone Formula
Cylinder Formula Circle Formula
Cyclic Quadrilateral Formula Capacitive Reactance Formula
Centripetal Force Formula Centroid Formula
Circular Velocity Formula Coulomb’s Law Formula
Radio Waves Formula Cylindrical Capacitor Formula
Charge Density Formula Combustion Formula
Centripetal Acceleration Formula Cell Potential Formula
Calorimetry Formula Conservation of Energy Formula
Coefficient of Static Friction Formula Distance Speed Time Formula
Doppler Shift Formula Deceleration Formula
Electric Field Formula DC Voltage Drop Formula
Efficiency Formula Elastic Potential Energy Formula
Electric Power Formula Energy Density Formula
Friction Formula Escape Speed Formula
Friction Force Formula Formula Dynamics
Gravity Formula Flow Rate Formula
Gauss Law Formula Gregory Newton Formula
Heat Formula Gram Formula Mass
Heat of Vaporization Formula Heat Transfer Formula
Heat Gain Formula Heat Load Formula
Continuous Compound Interest Formula Density Formula
De Broglie Wavelength Formula Doppler Effect Formula
Displacement Formula Diffraction Grating Formula
Dynamic Viscosity Formula Elastic Collision Formula
Electric Current Formula Force Formula
Friction Loss Formula Froude Number Formula
Resistor Series Parallel Formula Hooke’s Law Formula
Heat of Fusion Formula Heat of Solution Formula
Heat Conduction Formula Heat of Hydration Formula
Electric Potential Formula Drag Force Formula
Heat Input Formula Heat Rate Formula
Inductance Formula Electrical Formulas
Distance Traveled Formula Inelastic Collision Formula
Equivalent Resistance Formula Instantaneous Rate of Change Formula
Electricity Formulas Inductive Reactance Formula
Intensity Formula Force of Attraction Formula
Fluid Mechanics Formula Escape Velocity Formula
Kinematic Viscosity Formula Gravitational Potential Energy Formula
Energy Consumption Formula Kinetic Energy Formula
Gravitational Acceleration Formula Linear Speed Formula
Latent Heat formula Frequency Formula
Heat Capacity Formula Lens Maker’s Formula
Magnetism Formula Free Fall Formula
Heat Loss Formula Momentum Formula
Mechanical Energy Formula Gravitational Force Formula
Magnetic Force Formula Momentum and Its Conservation
Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle Formula Mass Flow Rate Formula
Newton’s Second Law Formula Induced Voltage Formula
Normal Force Formula Orbital Velocity Formula
Initial Velocity Formula Optics Formula
Power Formula Kelvin to Celsius Formula
Pressure Formula Pressure Drop Formula
Pendulum Linear Momentum Formula
Poiseuille’s Law formula Reynolds Number Formula
Measurement Formulas Resultant Force Formula
Relative Motion Formula Heat Engine Efficiency Formula
Gay Lussac Law Formula Mechanical Advantage Formula
Resistivity Formula Relativistic Doppler Effect Formula
Heat Release Rate Formula Horsepower Formula
Refractive Index Formula Reflection and Ray Model of Light
Magnetic Field Formula Inverse Square Law Formula
Heat Index Formula Snell’s Law Formula
Spring Force Formula Mach Number Formula
Instantaneous Velocity Formula Heat Flux Formula
Speed of Sound Formula Strain Energy Formula
Kinetic Friction Formula Heat of Reaction formula
Ohms Law Formula Sound Intensity Formula
Sound Pressure Level Formula Lattice Energy Formula
Impulse Formula Torque Formula
Potential Energy Formula Time Constant Formula
Light Waves and Color Instantaneous Speed Formula
Thermal Conductivity Formula Transformer Formula
Moment Formula Parallel Plate Capacitor Formula
Kinematics Formulas Tangential Acceleration Formula
Universal Gravitation Formula Polarization Formula
Length Contraction Formula Velocity Formula
Work Formula Rotational Inertia Formula
Work Done by Gravity Formula Wavelength to Frequency Formula
Wave Speed Formula Wave Energy Formula
Resistance Formula Relative Velocity Formula
Strain Formula Specific Gravity Formula
Specific Heat Formula Stopping Distance Formula
Thermal Expansion Formula Tangential Velocity Formula
Voltage Divider Formula Weight Formula
Water Pressure Formula Oscillatory Motion Formula
Magnetic Field in a Solenoid Formula Newton’s Law of Cooling Formula
Physics Formulas Potential Energy of a Spring Formula
Latent Heat of Fusion Formula Molar Concentration Formula
Mass Formula Moment of Inertia Formula
Net Force Formula Orbital Speed Formula
Projectile Motion Formula Position Formula
Pascal’s Principle Formula Photon Energy Formula
Relativity Formula Relativistic Mass Formula
Refraction Formula Stress Formula
Static Friction Formula Spring Constant Formula
Surface Charge Density Formula Temperature Formula
Rotational Kinetic Energy Formula Resonant Frequency Formula
Radiant Energy Formula Speed Distance Time Formula
Surface Tension Formula Time Dilation Formula
Uniform Circular Motion Wavelength Formula
Wave Formula Shear Modulus Formula
Tension Formula Thermal Energy Formula
Terminal Velocity Formula Young’s Modulus Formula
Voltage Drop Formula Wind Energy Formula
Wave Power Formula Magnetic Field Strength Formula
EMF Formula Electrical Resistance Formula
Banking of Road Formula Critical Velocity Formula
Energy Level Formula Maxwell Boltzmann Distribution Formula
Soil Erosion Formula Maxwell Boltzmann Formula
Magnetic Declination Formula Lightning Formula
Propagation Constant Formula Cop Formula
Momentum Of Photon Formula Superposition Formula
Brownian Motion Formula Static Electricity Formula
Poynting Vector Formula Mass Energy Formula
Spherical Capacitor Formula Special Theory Of Relativity Formula
Power Factor Formula For Single Phase Energy Momentum Formula
Lorentz Factor Formula Hubbles Law Formula


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