Kinematics Formulas

Kinematics Formulas

Kinematics Formula is altogether about the motion of bodies at points, devoid of considering the cause because of which it happens. Kinematic formulas are three to be precise:


At this juncture,

x and xo are Final and Initial displacements articulated in m,

vo and v are initial and final velocity articulated in m/s,

acceleration is a and articulated in m/s2,

the time taken is t in s.

Kinematics Formulas – 2D

2 dimensional or 2D kinematics equations is all about expressing the same equations in x and y directions:
In x direction the Kinematics formulas is articulated as:
vx = vxo + axt

x = xo + vxot + 1212 axt2

vx2 = vxo + 2ax(x-xo)

In y-direction the Kinematic formula is articulated as:
vy = vyo + ayt

y = xo + vyot + 1212 ayt2

vy2 = vyo2 + 2ay(y – yo)

Kinematics Formulas for Projectile Motion

Imagine a projectile motion as presented in the figure.Thus, the kinematics formulas are:
In x-direction:
vx = vxo

x = xo + vxo

In y-direction:
vy = vyo – gt

y = yo + vyot –1212 gt2

vy2 = vyo2 – 2g(y – yo)

Kinematic Equation Formulas

\(\Delta x=(\frac{v+v_{0}}{2})t\)
\(\Delta x=v_{0}t+\frac{1}{2}at^{2}\)
\(v^{2}=v_{0}^{2}+2a\Delta x\)

Kinematics Solved Examples

Underneath are solved Kinematics problems which helps you in understanding the use of these equations.

Problem 1: A guy is riding a bike with an initial velocity of 2 m/s. He reaches his destiny after 3s having a final velocity of 10m/s. Compute its acceleration?

Initial Velocity vo = 2 m/s
Final velocity v = 10 m/s
Time period t = 3s
To find the acceleration aUsing the formula v = vo + at
Acceleration is given as:


Problem 2: A car with initial velocity zero experiences a uniform acceleration of 7 m/s2 for the time interval t= 5s. Compute its distance covered?

Answer:Initial Velocity vo = 0,
time taken t = 5s,
Acceleration a = 7 m/s2,
To find the Distance covered S. By using the Kinematic Equation, one can determine that,


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