Mechanical Advantage Formula


Mechanical Advantage Formula

Mechanical advantage is a type of measure which calculates the amplified force gained by the mechanical system. It provides the ratio between the force applied to the load and the force needed to overcome the given force. Since the two quantities are a force, it is a unitless parameter.  

In other words, the mechanical advantage is the force generated by a machine to the force applied to it which is applied in assessing the performance of the machine. The mechanical advantage formula is given by


MA is the mechanical advantage,

FB = force of the object and

FA = effort to overcome the force of the object.

Example 1

Determine the mechanical advantage if 300N force is required to overcome a load of 700N.


The given parameters are,

FA = 300N

FB = 700N

Mechanical advantage formula is given by,

MA = FB / FA

= 700 / 300

   = 2.33

Example 2

Calculate the mechanical advantage if 600N force is required to overcome a load of 1000N.


The given parameters are,

FA = 600N

FB = 1000N

Mechanical advantage formula is by,

MA = FB / FA

MA = 1000 / 600

  = 1.66


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