Sin Theta Formula

The right triangle formulas are the most important ones in the trigonometry. The sin Theta is the ratio of the opposite side to the hypotenuse, If theta (Θ)

is one of the acute angles.

Sin x Formula:

It is one of the formulae of the Sin function from the six other trigonometric functions.

Sin \(\Theta\) = \(\frac{Opposite Side}{Hypotenuse}\)

Sin Theta Formula

Sin angle Questions

Example: If cos x = 4/5, Find the value of Sin x?

Solution: Using Trigonometric identities: Sin2x = 1- Cos2x

Sin2x = 1 – (4/5)2

= 1 – 16/25

= (25 – 16) / 25

= 9/25

Sin x = \(\sqrt{9/25}\)

= 3/5

Example 2: If Cosec x = 4/7, find the Sin x?

Solution: As Cosec x = 1/sin x

= 1/ 4/7

= 7/4

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