Pi Formulas

If you divide any circle’s circumference by its diameter, you’ll get the value of pi.

Π = circumference/ diameter = 3.14159………

It cannot be written as an exact decimal as it has digits which goes on forever.

This way we can get the value of pi.

You can also use Π the other way round to find the circumference of the circle.

Circumference = Π X Diameter

Diameter = circumference / Π

How to calculate the Pi (π)

Π is a very useful symbol and has many uses. Let’s see how to use it with examples.

Examples of pi formula

Example: Tom measured 94 cm around the outside of a cylindrical vase, what would be the diameter of the same?


Diameter = circumference / Π

= 94cm / Π

= 29.92… cm

= 30 cm approx.

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