Algebra Formulas For Class 11

All the important algebra formulas for class 11 are listed below, to ease students to search for them. This list will help students not to miss any formula while studying for competitive or board exams.

CBSE Class 11 consists algebra in many chapters like the algebra of real numbers, algebra of complex numbers, algebra of derivative of function and algebra of event. These chapters include many algebraic formulae which are tough to remember.

We believe, Algebra Formulas for class 11 will help students to learn them and gain confidence in solving algebraic problems.

Algebra Formulas For Class 11
Distributive Property \(a\, \left ( b+c \right ) = a \times b\, +\, a \times c\)
Commutative Property of Addition \(a\, +\, b\, =\, b\, +\, a\)
Commutative Property of Multiplication \(a\,\times b\, =\, b\,\times a\)
Associative Property of Addition \(a\, +\, \left ( b\, +\, c \right ) = \left ( a\, +\, b \right )\, +\, c\)
Associative Property of Multiplication \(a\,\times \left ( b\,\times c \right ) = \left ( a\,\times b \right )\,\times c\)
Additive Identity Property \(a\, +\, 0\, =\, a\)
Multiplicative Identity Property \(a\, \times 1\, =\, a\)
Additive Inverse Property \(a\,+\left ( -a \right )=0\)
Multiplicative Inverse Property \(a \left ( \frac{1}{a} \right )=1\)
Zero Property of Multiplication \(a\times \left ( 0\right )=0\)<

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