Probability For Class 12

Probability is defined as the extent to which an event is likely to occur. It is measured as number of favourable events to occur from the total number of event that occurs. It is to be noted that the probability of an event is always \(0 \leq P_{e} \leq 1\)

Conditional Probability-

Conditional Probability is the likelihood of an event or outcome occurring based on the occurrence of a previous event or outcome. It simply depends on any event in the past which has already taken place.

If E and F are two events with the same sample space of a random experiment, then the conditional probability of the event E gives that F has occurred, i.e. \(P(E|F)\) is,

\(P(E|F) = \frac{P(E\cap F)}{P(F)}\), provided \(P(F) \neq 0\)

Probability For Class 12
Probability For Class 12

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