Trigonometric Function Formulas

You know that we have

  • Hypotenuse – the longest side
  • Base – third side
  • Perpendicular – the other side opp to the angle in a right triangle

Similarly, the six trigonometric functions are:

  • Sine
  • Cosine
  • Secant
  • Cosecant
  • Tangent
  • Cotangent

Now let’s study the basic trigonometry formulas.

The Trigonometric properties/Formulas are given below:


Identity / Property

Mathematical value

Sin a


Cos a


Tan a

\(\frac{opposite}{adjacent}\) \(\frac{sina}{cos a }\)

Sec a

\(\frac{hypotenuse}{adjacent}\) \(\frac{1}{cosa}\)

Cosec a

\(\frac{hypotenuse}{opposite}\) \(\frac{1}{sina}\)

Cot a

\(\frac{adjacent}{opposite}\) \(\frac{cos a }{sin a } = \frac{1}{tan a}\)

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