Fahrenheit to Celsius Formula

Temperature is measured in two units, Fahrenheit, and Celsius. People in USa used the Fahrenheit degree while Indians use the Celsius degree. So we need to find out the exact temperature on means, if he says that he is at 100° F. If Fahrenheit is considered, then the boiling point of water is taken as 212° F and 32°F is the freezing point of water.  We have the formula to deal with the conversion of Fahrenheit to Celsius degree.

Formula to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius

\[\LARGE C \; = \; (F-32) \times \frac{5}{9}\]

Formula to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit

\[\LARGE F \; = \; C \times \frac{9}{5} \; + \; 32\]

It is also known as Centigrade to Fahrenheit formula.

Kelvin to Fahrenheit formula

$\LARGE F \; = \; \frac{9}{5} \; (K \; – \; 273)\; + \; 32$

The degree Celsius is denoted as and degree Fahrenheit is denoted as
The relation between Fahrenheit and Celsius is 1° C = 1.8° F.

Solved Examples

Question 1: Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius:
(a) 12° F
(b) 22° F
(c) 37° F.


The Fahrenheit to Celsius is given by the formula

C = (F – 32) $\times$ $\frac{5}{9}$

(a) 12° F = (12 – 32) $\times$ $\frac{5}{9}$ = – 11.11° C

(b) 22° F = (22 – 32) $\times$ $\frac{5}{9}$ = – 5.55° C

(c) 37° F = (37 – 32) $\times$ $\frac{5}{9}$ = 2.77° C.

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