Celsius Formula

Celsius scale is also called a centigrade scale. The Celsius scale is based on 0° C as melting point and 100° C as the boiling point. The temperature is written in terms of Celsius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin.

The temperature values can be converted from one unit to another with the following formula

Celsius to Fahrenheit Conversion

Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion
Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion

F – Fahrenheit
C – Celsius

Celsius to Kelvin Conversion Formula

Kelvin to Celsius conversion
Celsius to Kelvin conversion

K – Kelvin
C – Celsius

Solved Example

Question: Convert temperatures 30° Celsius to Fahrenheit.


Celsius = 30°

Substituting values to convert to Fahrenheit

F = (30 *1.8) + 32
 30° Celsius =   86 Fahrenheit
i.e. 30°C = 86°F


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