Exponential Formula

The exponential property can be used to solve the exponential equation where we can express each side in terms of the same base. We can express many types of graphs like radioactive decay and others by using this formula.

Formula of Exponential

If a is a number such that a>0 and a≠ 1 then an exponential function is a function in the form,

f(x) = a x

Where a is base and x can be any real number. Apart from this basic formula, there are other formulas for exponential like exponential growth formula.

Solved Example of Exponential Formula

Question: Solve for x: 44x-5 = 162



44x-5 = 162

16 can be expressed as a power of 4:

44x-5 = (42)2

44x-5 = 44

Here, bases are the same.

⇒ 4x – 5 = 4

⇒ 4x = 4+5

⇒ 4x = 9

⇒ x = 9/4

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