Speed Distance Time Formula

Speed is a very rudimentary concept in motion which is all about how slow or fast an object travel. We define speed as distance divided by time. Distance is directly proportionate to Velocity when time is constant. Speed, distance, and time numerical ask us to solve for one of the three variables with certain information known. In these questions, we deal with objects moving at either constant speeds or average speeds.

Speed Distance Time Formula is mathematically articulated as:



the Speed is x  in m/s,
the Distance traveled is d  in m,
is the time taken in s.

Distance traveled formula is articulated as

  d = xt

If any of the two variables among speed, distance and time is provided, we can use this formula and find the unknown numeric.


Speed Distance Time Solved Examples

Underneath are solved problems based on speed distance and time formula:

Problem 1: Lilly is driving a scooty with the speed of 6 km/hr for 2hr. How much distance will she travel?
Given: Speed of the scooty x = 6km/hr
Time taken t = 2 hr
Distance traveled d = ?

Speed DIstance time formula is given as


Distance traveled d = x × t
d = 6 km/hr × 2 hr
d = 12 km

Problem 2: A man rides the bike with the speed of 60 miles in 3/4th hours. Compute the speed of the bike?

Known :

d (Distance Covered) = 60 miles,

Time taken  t = \(x=\frac{3}{4}\) Hours

Speed is calculated using the formula \(x=\frac{d}{t}\)

= \(x=\frac{60\;Miles}{\frac{3}{4}\;hours}\)

= \(x= 60\;Miles\times \frac{3}{4}\;hours\)

= 80 miles/hr

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