Algebraic Expressions Formula

In algebra, we substitute letters from numbers. The algebraic formulas are used to make calculations easier. To find a solution to the algebraic equation, we follow a process of finding a number or a set of numbers where, if they are substituted for the variables in the equation, reduce it to identity. And the numbers are called as Zeroes.

Formulas of Algebraic Expressions

  • (p+q)2 = p2 + q2 + 2pq
  • (p – q)2 = p2 + q2 -2pq
  • (p + q) (p – q) = p2 – q2

There are other algebra formulas too apart from these basic ones.

Algebraic Expressions Questions

Question: Find the value of (2x + 5)2 ?


(p+ q)2 = p2 + q2 +2pq

Here, p = 2x , q = 5

4x2 + 25 + 2 X 2x X 5

4x2 + 25 + 20x

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