Algebraic Expressions Formula

An algebraic expression is made up of constants, variables and arithmetic operators. For example, 3x – 2 is an algebraic expression. In algebra, we substitute numbers for letters. The algebraic formulas are used to make calculations easier. To find a solution to the algebraic equation, we follow a process of finding a number or a set of numbers where, if they are substituted for the variables in the equation, reduce it to identity. And the numbers are called as zeroes.

Formulas of Algebraic Expressions

Algebraic expressions can be categorized into various types based on the number of terms and powers of variables. Some of them are given below:

Monomial: ax, ax2, x3,…

Binomial, ax + b, ax2 + b, ax2 + bx,….

Trinomial: ax2 + bx + c, ax3 + bx2 + cx,….

The basic alegbraic identities are:

  • (p + q)2 = p2 + q2 + 2pq
  • (p – q)2 = p2 + q2 – 2pq
  • (p + q) (p – q) = p2 – q2

There are other algebra formulas too apart from these basic ones.

Algebraic Expressions Question

Question: Find the value of (2x + 5)2.


(2x + 5)2

We know that (p + q)2 = p2 + q2 +2pq

Here, p = 2x , q = 5

(2x + 5)= (2x)2 + 52 + 2 × 2x × 5

= 4x2 + 25 + 20x

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