Rhombus Formula

A rhombus is a type of Parallelogram only. Its diagonals perpendicularly bisect each other.

Formula of Area of Rhombus / Perimeter of Rhombus

There are 3 ways to find the area of Rhombus. Find the formulas for same and Perimeter of Rhombus in the table below.

Perimeter = 4a

Where a is the side.

Area = ah


a is the length of the side

h is the altitude (height).

Area =d1d2 / 2


d1 is the length of a diagonal

d2 is the length of the other diagonal

Area = asinx


a is the length of any side

x is an interior angle

sin is the sine function

Area of Rhombus Questions

Question: Find the area of a rhombus whose length of the diagonals is 10 cm and 14 cm respectively.

Solution: Given,
d1 = 1 cm
d2 = 14 cm
Area = (d1d2)/2
= (10 ×14)/2
= 70 cm2

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