Percentage Formula

Percentage formula is used to find the amount or share of something in terms of 100. In its simplest form, percent means per hundred. To express a number between zero and one, percentage formula is used. It is defined as a number represented as a fraction of 100. Denoted by the symbol = %, the percentage is majorly used to compare and find out ratios.

Formula to Calculate Percentage

The Percentage Formula is given as,

Percentage = (Value ⁄ Total Value) × 100

Solved Example Questions Using the Formula for Percentage:

Question 1: Express ⅘ as percentage.


⅘ = (4 × 20 ⁄ 5 × 20)

= (80 ⁄ 100)

= 80%

Question 2: There are 150 students in a class. Out of them, 75 are girls. Find the percentage of girls in the class?


Total students in the class=150

Girls in the class = 75

% of girls in the class = (75 ⁄ 150) × 100 = (7500 ⁄ 150) = 50%

Practise This Question

Appu’s father plans on opening an Anthurium flower farm. He read that Anthurium plants require soils with good water absorption capacity along with good aeration. He has three choices: Clayey soil, Sandy Loam soil and coco peat (an artificial soil made from coconut husks). He took 50g of each soil and determined the volume of water it absorbed. He also determined the soil particle size using a microscope and tabulated the results.

Soil TypeVolume of water absorbed by 50g of soilParticle sizeClayey35 mL0.002 mmSandy Loam15 mL1 mmCoco Peat350 mL1 mm

Which soil should Appu’s father choose?