Percentage Decrease Formula

When there is a decrease in the value of something, then, to know the percentage decrease, that is, to know the decrease per hundred, – this formula is used. It is the ratio of the decrease of the decreased value to the original value multiplied with 100.

The Percentage Decrease Formula is given as,

Percentage Decrease = $\Large\frac{Decrease in value}{Original value}$ $\times$ 100

Solved Examples

Question: Few days ago, the cost of mangoes per 100 kg was Rs. 10000. Now is it being sold at rs. 8000. What is the percentage decrease in the value?


Percentage decrease in the land value

= $\frac{10000 – 8000}{10000}$ $\times$ 100

= $\frac{2000}{10000}$ $\times$ 100

= 0.2 $\times$ 100

= 20%

So there is a 20% decrease in value of 100 kg mangoes

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