Ethane Formula

Ethane formula is given and explained in this article. Ethane, which is a organic chemical compound, is found in natural gas. Ethane is one of the alkanes, which and thus it is a saturated carbon compound which means it has all single bonds. The complete ethane chemical formula and its structural formula are given in the following points.

Ethane Chemical Formula

Ethane has 2 carbon atoms with 6 hydrogen atoms attached to them. It has a molecular weight of 30.07 g/mol and is the second simplest organic compound after methane. The chemical or molecular formula of ethane is-

Chemical Formula of Ethane: C2H6

Ethane Structural Formula

Ethane has a tetrahedral geometry and the carbon atoms have sp3 hybridization. Due to this, the ethane molecule has a free rotation. Ethane is structurally represented as-

Ethane Structural Formula

Ethane and methane constituents the major part of natural gas. Ethane can be easily extracted from reserves of natural gas and oil wells. Check out the uses and advantages of natural gas here to understand its importance.

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