Mass Flow Rate Formula

The mass flow rate is the mass of a liquid substance passing per unit time. In other words, the mass flow rate is defined as the rate of movement of liquid pass through a unit area. The mass flow is directly dependent on the density, velocity of the liquid, and area of cross-section. It is the movement of mass per unit time. The mass flow is denoted by m and the units in kg/s.

Formula of Mass Flow Rate

The mass flow formula is given by,



ρ = density of fluid,

V = velocity of the liquid, and

A = area of cross-section

Solved Examples

Example 1

Determine the mass flow rate of a given fluid whose density is 800 kg/m3, velocity, and area of cross-section is 30 m/s and 20 cm2 respectively.


Given values are,

ρ = 800 kg/m3

V = 30 m/s and

A = 20 cm2

  = 0.20 m2

The mass flow rate formula is given by,

m = ρVA

m = 800 × 30 × 0.20

m = 4800 kg/s


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