Static Friction Formula


Static Friction Formula

Let us imagine a car at rest. To start it without making use of the accelerator, one will have to use a lot of force.


This is static friction! Here the object at rest is made to move conflicting the frictional force.

Static friction is the resistive force perceived in a body which is at rest. It is articulated as

static friction is Fs ,

the coefficient of static friction is μs and
the normal force is Fn

Static Friction Formula helps one to compute the frictional force, co-efficient of friction or normal force in any asked numerical.

Static Friction Solved Examples

Underneath are numerical on static friction which helps to comprehend where one can use this formula:

Problem 1: A force of 200 N is exerted on a snacks box of 5kg still on the floor. If the coefficient of friction is 0.3, calculate the static friction?


Fn (Normal force) = 200 N,
μs (Coefficient of friction) = 0.3,
Static friction is given by Fs = μs Fn
= 0.3 × 200 N
= 60 N.

Problem 2: Amy is hauling a toy car of mass 4 kg which was at rest earlier on the floor. If 50 N is the value of the static frictional force, calculate the friction coefficient?


m (Mass) = 4 kg,
Fs  (static frictional force) = 50 N,
Fn (Normal force) = mg
= 5 Kg × 9.8 m/s2
= 49 N


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