Free Fall Formula

Freefall as the term says, is a body falling freely because of the gravitational pull of our earth.

Imagine a body with velocity (v) is falling freely from a height (h) for time (t) seconds because of gravity (g).

Free Fall

Free Fall Formulas are articulated as follows:

h = (1/2) gt2

v2 = 2gh

v = gt

Free fall is independent of the mass of the body. It depends only on the height and the duration the body is flung for.

Freefall Related Solved Examples

Underneath are given questions on free fall which may be useful for you.

Problem 1: Calculate the body height if it has mass of kg and after 7 seconds it reaches the ground?


Given: Height h =?
Time t = 7s
We all are acquainted with the fact that free fall is independent of mass.

Hence, it is given as


\(\begin{array}{l}h = \frac{1}{2}gt^{2}\end{array} \)


h = 0.5 × 9.8 × (7)2

h = 240.1 m

Problem  2: The cotton falls after 3 s and iron falls after 5 s. Which is moving with higher velocity?

The Velocity in free fall is autonomous of mass.

V (Velocity of iron) = gt = 9.8 m/s2 × 5s = 49 m/s

V (Velocity of cotton) = gt = 9.8 m/s2 × 3s = 29.4 m/s.

The Velocity of iron is more than cotton.


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