Weight Formula

Weight Formula

Weight is not anything but the force gravity experiences. It is represented by W and Newton is it’s SI unit. It is articulated as the product of mass and acceleration due to gravity. So the weight of a given object will show variation according to the gravity in that particular space. So, objects with similar mass appear in different weights across different planets. The formula for weight is articulatedas,



Weight of the object = W
Mass of the object = m
Acceleration due to gravity = g

Solved ExamplesWeight

Numerical associated to weight calculations are providedunderneath:

Problem 1: Compute the weight of a body on the moon if the mass is 60Kg? g is given as 1.625m/s2.

It is known that,
m = 60kg and

g = 1.625m/s2

Formula for weight is,
W = mg
W = 60×1.625
W = 97.5N

Problem 2: Compute the weight of a body on earth whose mass is 25kg?

It is known that,
m = 25kg and

g = 9.8m/s2

Formula for weight is,
W = mg
W = 25×9.8
W = 245N


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