Dc Voltage Drop Formula


DC Voltage Drop Formula

Voltage Drop Formula can be used to calculate the voltage drop over an electrical circuit. It simply defines the energy loss while the electric current moves through the circuit. It often happens with the wires. It is the voltage loss that happens due to its impedance.

Formula for DC voltage drop formula

Where I = current through the circuit

R = resistance

L= length of the circuit

Solved Examples

Question 1: Calculate the dc voltage drop if an inductor of 3 H is used and 2 A of current flows in 10 s.


Given: Inductance L = 3 Henry

current I = 2 A

time T = 10 s

Voltage drop is given by


= 3 H ×× 2A10s2A10s

= 0.6 v

Question 2: calculate the distance, if voltage drop is 3 v and current flow is 2 A in time 5 s?


Given: Voltage drop = 3 v, time taken T = 5 s, current flow I = 2 A

Voltage drop is given by


Hence Inductance is given by


= 3v×5s2A3v×5s2A

= 7.5 H


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