Work Formula

Work is said to be done when an object experiences displacement. It is represented by W.

Formula of Work

The work formula is articulated as


W=F.d.cos θ


  • F is the force applied
  • d is the displacement
  • θ is the angle between force and direction of motion

Work formula is made use of to compute work done, force, or displacement in any problem. It is articulated in Nm.

Work Solved Examples

Underneath are numerical on work which helps out to comprehend the concept better.

Problem 1: Compute the work done if 10 N of force acts on the body showing the displacement of 2 m?


F (Force) = 10 N,
d (Displacement) = 2 m,
W (Work done) = F × d
= 10 N × 2 m
= 20 Nm.

Problem 2: Compute work done for 2-newton force and 3-meter displacement and the angle between force and displacement is 45 degrees?

Known: Force F = 2 N,
Displacement d = 3 m,
θ = 45o
Work done,

W = Fd cos θ

       = 2N × 3m cos 45o

W  = 3.51 Nm.


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