Velocity Formula

Velocity Formula

The speed of a body in a specific direction is the measure of Velocity.


It is represented by and is articulated as

velocity formula 1


s = displacement
t= time taken

Since displacement is conveyed in meters and time taken in seconds. Velocity is articulated in meters/second or m/s.

In any numerical if any of these two quantities are given we can calculate the missing quantity by making use of this formula.

Velocity Solved Examples

Underneath are given the velocity based problems which helps you to understand more about it.

Problem 1: A plane moves the distance of 500 Km in 1 hr. Calculate its velocity?

Displacement S = 500 km = 500 × 103 m,
Time taken t = 1hr = 60 × 60 = 3600 s.

velocity formula 2

Problem 2: A submarine descends 150 ft in 3 seconds. Find the Velocity of submarine?

Distance traveled S = – 150 ft,
Time taken t = 3 seconds

velocity formula 4



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