Kelvin To Celsius Formula


Kelvin to Celsius

The most widely used temperature measurement scales in the thermometer industry are the Kelvin and Celsius scales. The value of one degree on Kelvin scale is identical to the value of one degree on Celsius scale that is the temperature differential or change is identical on both scales.

The relation can be used to convert Celsius into Kelvin:

Celsius = (Kelvin – 273.15)


Kelvin = (Celsius + 273.15)


The formula of Kelvin to Celsius is used to change the temperature given in Kelvin to Celsius.

Solved Example

Problem 1: Convert the following temperature from Kelvin into Celsius
(a) 50 K

(b) 390 K

(c) 353 K


(a) 50 K = (50 – 273.15) = – 223.15oC
(b) 390 K = (390 – 273.15) = 116.85oC
(c) 353 K = (353 – 273.15) = 79.85oC


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