Electric Power Formula

Electric power can be described as the rate of doing work. The SI unit for power is watt is denoted as P. Power formula connects the time, voltage and charge. Individuals can alter the formula using Ohm’s law. The formula for power is articulated as

Power Formula 1

The power formula written in terms of  Ohm’s law is

Power Formula 2
Power Formula 3

the electric charge is Q
the voltage is V
the time is t
the resistance is R

Electric Power Solved Examples

Let us check out the numerical of electric power in detail in this segment.

Problem 1: If the current and voltage of an electric circuit are given as 2.5A and 10V respectively. Calculate the electrical power?

Given measures are,
I = 2.5A and V = 10V
The formula for electric power is,
P = VI
P = 10 × 2.5 = 25watts

Problem 2: Calculate the power of an electrical circuit consisting of resistance 3Ω and a current 4A flowing through this circuit?

Given parameters are,
I = 4A and R = 3Ω
Electric power formula is,
P = I2R

P = 42×3
P = 16×3 = 48 watts



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