Beat Frequency Formula


Beat Frequency Formula

Beat is a word linked to sound waves. The beat frequency is not anything but the difference in frequency of two wave. It is because of the constructive and destructive interferences. When two sound waves of dissimilar frequency approach your ear, the alternating productive and damaging interference causes the sound to be alternatively loud and soft – a phenomenon which is termed as “beating” or producing beats. The beat frequency is equivalent to the complete value of the alteration in frequency of the two waves. The count of beats per second is equivalent to the difference in frequency. Conferring to these interferences, sound will be loud or soft. Actually, the beat frequency is the complete value of the difference in wave frequencies. The formula for the beat frequency is,

Where the frequency of two waves are f1 and f2 .

Beat Frequency Problems

Let us converse over the numerical of beat frequency.

Problem 1: Compute the beat frequency if the two frequencies of waves are  750Hz and 380Hz respectively?


Given parameters are,
f1 = 750Hz and f2 = 380Hz
The beat frequency is given by,
fb = |f2−f1|
fb = |380−750|= 370Hz

Problem 2: Compute the beat frequency if the wave frequencies are 550Hz and 1000Hz respectively?


Known numerics are,
f1 = 550Hz and f2 = 1000Hz
Thus, the beat frequency is articulated by,
fb = |f2−f1|
fb = |1000−550|= 450Hz


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