Beat Frequency Formula

Beat is produced when two waves of nearby frequencies superimpose when they travel in the same path. This causes a periodic variation of intensity of the resultant wave.

The beat frequency is the number of beats produced per second.

Beat Frequency Formula:

The formula for beat frequency is the difference in frequency of the two superimposed waves.

fb =|f2−f1|

f1 and f2 are the frequency of two waves

Beat Frequency Problems

Problem 1: Compute the beat frequency if the two frequencies of waves are  750Hz and 380Hz respectively?


Given parameters are,
f2 = 800Hz and f1 = 400Hz
The beat frequency is given by,
fb = |f2−f1|
fb = |800−400|= 400Hz

Problem 2: Compute the beat frequency if the wave frequencies are 550Hz and 1000Hz respectively?


Known numerics are,
f1 = 550Hz and f2 = 1000Hz
Thus, the beat frequency is articulated by,

fb =|f2−f1|
fb= |1000−550|= 450Hz



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