Position Formula


Position Formula

When something travels from a point to the other, it is called as displacement. Presuming the golf ball moves from position x1 to position x2.

The position change Δx (position formula) is articulated as,

Where, the first position of the body is x1,
the second position after undergoing displacement is x2 ,
the rate of change of displacement when change in position takes place is Δx.

If the body changes its position after time t the rate of change in position at any moment of time t, x(t) is articulated as,

the position of the body with respect to time t is x(t) ,
the initial velocity of the body is v0 ,
the acceleration the body possesses is α ,
the initial position of the body is x0.

Position Formula Solved Examples

Let’s examine some sample questions on position:

Problem 1: A boy who has an initial velocity of 3 m/s moves for a distance of 20 m. If it’s angular acceleration is 2 m/s2, compute the position of the boy at the end of 5s.

Known :
v0  (Intial velocity)  = 3m/s,

x0  (distance)  = 20 m,

α (angular acceleration)  = 2 m/s2,

t (time) = 5s

The alteration in position of the boy at instant of time t is articulated as

x(6) = 0.5 × 2 m/s2 × (5s)2+ 3 m/s × 5s +  20 m
= 25m + 15m + 20 m
= 60 m.

Problem  2: A man at a distance of 6m from his home travels some distance to reach his workplace which is 100 m from his home. Calculate the change in position.


x1 (First position) = 6 m,

x2 (Second position) = 100 m
Change in position is articulated as
Δ x = x x1
= 100 m – 6m
= 94 m.

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