Formula Dynamics Formula


Formula Dynamics

As all of us know dynamics teaches us about the motion of any body grounded on how the forces are exerted on it. Perhaps these equations were derived founded on experimenting the motion. 

There are four elementary equations in dynamics specifically, 

Where, u is initial velocity in m/s,
           v is final velocity in m/s,
           s is the distance traveled in m,
           a is the acceleration in m/s2,
           t is time taken in s.

Dynamics Formulas are valuable in computing the unfamiliar physical quantity when some of these quantities are known.

Dynamics Solved Examples

Underneath are given some problems based on dynamics you can refer to this while solving your assignment problems.

Problem 1: John throws a ball and it moves along the horizontal direction. If it travels a distance of 30 m in 2s. Calculate its acceleration.

Known: u (Initial velocity) = 0, 
               s (Distance traveled) = 30 m, 
               t (Time taken) = 2 s 

Distance travelled is given by 



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