Distance Traveled Formula

Distance Traveled Formula

Distance Traveled defines how much path an object has covered to reach its destination in a given period. Formula for distance traveled is given



 r = rate of travel

 t = time taken to travel

The distance-traveled formula can be applied to calculate the distance of driving a car or swimming laps in a pool. While driving a car, the distance will be calculated in miles or kilometers, the rate is in miles per hour or kilometers per hour, and time is in hours. While swimming laps in a pool, the distance will be calculated in laps.

Solved Examples

Question 1: A heavy loaded truck travels at the rate of 60 miles per hour. Calculate the total distance truck will take to travel 200 miles?


Given: Rate of the journey r = 60 miles per hour

Displacement d = 200 miles

we know,

displacement d = rt

The time taken is given by

t = drdr

  = 200 miles60 miles200 miles60 miles

  = 3.33 hours

Problem 2: An athlete runs 50 m in 10 s while other runs at 200 m in 30 s. Who is running fastest?


First athlete displacement d1 = 50 m, time taken t1 = 10 s

Displacement by the first athlete is d1 = r1 t1

Rate of speed r1 = 50 m10 s50 m10 s = 5 m/s

2nd athlete displacement d2 = 200 m, time taken t2 = 30 s

Displacement by the second athlete( d2) = r2 t2

Rate of speed (r2) = 200 m30 s200 m30 s = 6.67 m/s

Therefore, 2nd athlete travels the fastest.


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