Periodic Formulas

function is described as relation that has one output value for every permissible or permissible input value. The number “T” is the period of a function. If the number is fixed and $\theta$ is an angle we have the following periodic formula. The function sine and cosine have a period 2$\pi$.Some of the trigonometry periodic functions are given below, \[\large Sin\left(\omega\theta\right)\Rightarrow T=\frac{\pi}{\omega}\] \[\large Cos\left(\omega\theta\right)\Rightarrow T=\frac{\pi}{\omega}\] \[\large Tan\left(\omega\theta\right)T=\frac{\pi}{\omega}\]

solved examples

Question 1: Find the period of the function $cos$ $\frac{x}{3}$? Solution: Let y = $cos$ $\frac{x}{3}$ Use period formula, T = $\frac{2\pi}{\omega}$ The multiple of x = $\frac{1}{3}$ = ${\omega}$ T = $\frac{2\pi}{\frac{1}{3}}$ = 6$\pi$ Hence the period of the function $cos$$\frac{x}{3}$ is 6$\pi$

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