Surface Tension Formula

Surface tension is a word which is linked to the liquid surface. It is a physical property of liquids, in which the molecules are drawn onto every side. This is a type of dragging force per unit length. On the surface of the liquids, there is no other molecules surround each atom. So the surface later layer gets attracted inwards. The formula for finding surface tension is articulated as,


the force per unit length is F
the length in which force act is L

Surface Tension Solved Examples

Solved numerical related to surface tension are provided underneath:

Problem 1: Compute the surface tension of a given liquid whose dragging force is 5N and length in which the force acts is 2cm?
Known values are,
F = 5N and L = 2cm
Formula for surface tension is,

Problem 2: Compute the surface tension if the force and length are 3N and 1.5cm respectively?
Known values are,

F = 3N and L = 1.5cm



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