Temperature Formula


Temperature Formula

Temperature is the degree or intensity of the heat present in substance or a system, expressed based on the comparative scale and shown by a thermometer.

In other words, Temperature is the measure of hotness or coldness of a body measured regarding degrees or Kelvin on the Celsius, Kelvin, and Fahrenheit scales.

The change in temperature is based on the amount of heat released or absorbed. The S.I unit of temperature is Kelvin.

The Temperature formula is given by,

Δ T = Q / mc


Δ T = temperature difference,

Q = amount of heat absorbed or released,

m = mass of the body,

c = specific heat of the body.

Example 1

Determine the temperature if 200 J of heat is released by the body of mass 6 Kg and has a specific heat of 0.8 J/KgoC.



Heat released Q = 200 J,

      Mass m = 6 Kg,

      Specific Heat c = 0.8 J/KgoC

The temperature is given by ΔT = Q / mc

                                                  = 200 / 6 x 0.8

                                                  = 41.66oC.

Example 2

Determine the heat released when the temperature changes by 40oC by a body of mass 3 Kg which has a specific heat of 0.7 J/kgoC.



Temperature change = 40oC,

      Mass m = 3 kg,

      Specific heat c = 0.7 J/kgoC,

The Heat released is given by formula Q = mc ΔT

                                              = 3 × 0.7 × 40

                                              = 84 J



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