Physics Practicals with Experiments

‘Learning by Doing’ is the main intention for introducing Physics practicals at the early stage of learning. Physics practical is the key which threads theoretical knowledge with experiments performed in the lab. Physics practical knowledge helps students to develop thinking and analytical skills. It is scientifically proven that performing practical Physics experiments in a laboratory and analysing the data obtained helps inculcate a rational outlook, sense of self-confidence, cooperative attitude, scientific temper, ability to take the initiative, self-reliance, logical thinking, patience, and perseverance. Hence, considerable emphasis is placed on including practicals in the curriculum.

Students can access the Physics chapter-wise experiments along with viva questions from the links below.

In addition to practical experiments, the working of different laboratory equipment is explained for better understanding. The method of handling the apparatus to avoid damage is also described. It helps the learner to develop process-oriented performance skills. Every practical experiment mentioned in the links above imparts the skill of writing observation and noting the reading. It helps in knowing the procedure and precautions before starting the experiment. The detailed laboratory manual helps the students to understand the experiment better and connect the theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom.

The process-oriented performance learned through the experiments motivates students to learn the subject with more enthusiasm and knowledge.

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