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Physics Concept Questions and Answers

Physics concept questions or concept checking questions are questions prepared to examine learners’ understanding of core physics topics.

Asking questions is one of the fundamental ways of understanding any physics topic. If students can answer all such questions, they have understood the concept well. Concept questions will help students to learn core concepts in minute detail.

Concept questions have a contrasting nature compared to common homework and exam problems in physics. Such “plugin” problems do not deepen or test the understanding of how formulas and concepts should work in tandem. Most of the time, it only requires applying numerical values in formulas and equations.

Concept questions require more than simple recall. They require students to process answers or examine a problem to choose the essential mathematical tools to reach the correct solution. Numerous concept questions are non-quantitative. Some may have different answers.

Here is the list of questions and answers on various core physics concepts to help you understand the fundamentals in detail.

List of Concept-Wise Physics Questions and Answers

Galaxies Questions

Graphs Questions

Thermodynamics Questions

Electrostatics Questions

Mechanics Questions

Earthing Questions

Dimensional Analysis Questions

Ohm’s Law Questions

Nodal Analysis Questions

Superposition Theorem Questions

Power Questions

Moon Questions

Optics Questions

Electromagnetic Induction Questions

Distance Time Graph Questions

Electric Circuit Questions

Diodes Questions

Atmosphere Questions

Zener Diode Questions

Screw Gauge Questions

Metal Questions

Total Internal Reflection Questions

Rainbow Questions

Satellite Communication Questions

Convex Lens Questions

Radiation Questions

Groundwater Questions

Electric Current Questions

Vector Addition Questions

AC Motor Questions

Accelerometer Questions

Acoustics Questions

Anatomy of Human Ear Questions

Angular Speed Questions

Basic Properties Electrical Charge Questions

Atomic Radii Questions

Biconvex Lens Questions

Black Body Radiation Wien Displacement Law Questions

Blind Visually Impaired Optical Low Vision Aids Questions

Bulk Modulus Of Elasticity Definition Formula Questions

Capacitors In Parallel Questions

Cells Electromotive Force And Internal Resistance Questions

Centripetal And Centrifugal Force Questions

Changing States Of Matter Questions

Characteristics of EM Waves Questions

Wheatstone Bridge Questions

Refractive Index Questions

Clausius Statement Questions

Solar System Questions

Tension Questions

Projectile Motion Questions

Motion In A Straight Line Questions

Stars Questions

Thevenin Theorem Questions

Digital Electronics Questions

Albert Einstein Questions

Force Questions

Work Questions

Equations Of Motion Questions

Weather Questions

Magnet Questions

Laser Questions

Velocity Questions

Work Energy Power Questions

Electromotive Force Questions

Pressure Questions

Weathering Questions

First Law of Thermodynamics Questions

Motion in a Plane Questions

Black Hole Questions

Potential Energy Questions

Electric Flux Questions

Lens Formula Questions

Refraction Questions

MOSFET Questions

Resistor Questions

Ideal Gas Equation Questions

DC Motor Questions

Circuit Diagram Questions

Simple Machines Questions

Radioactive Decay Questions

Modern Physics Questions

Rectifier Questions

Triangle Law Of Vector Addition Questions

Refrigeration Questions

Force And Motion Questions

Sedimentary Rocks Questions

Kinetic Energy Questions

Stress Questions

Electromagnetic Waves Questions

Energy Questions

Calorimeter Questions

Welding Questions

Magnetic Field Questions

Unit Conversion Questions

Temperature Questions

Average Velocity Questions

Volcanoes Questions

Resonance Questions

LCR Circuit Questions

Quantum Mechanics Questions

X-Ray Questions

Waves Questions

Nuclear Physics Questions

Renewable Energy Questions

Electromagnetism Questions

Gravity Questions

Remote Sensing Questions

Centre of Gravity Questions

Balanced Force Questions

Manometer Questions

Electric Dipole Questions

Compound Microscope Questions

Rocket Science Questions

Eclipse Questions

Lightning Questions

Fluid Dynamics Questions

Angular Velocity Questions

Archimedes Principle Questions

Electric Car Questions

Law of Conservation of Energy Questions

Vernier Calliper Questions

Types of Energy Questions

Stress And Strain Questions

Electromagnetic Radiation Questions

Earth Science Questions

Metamorphic Rocks Questions

Frictional Force Questions

Tidal Energy Questions

Electroscope Questions

Generator And Transformers Questions

Scalars And Vectors Questions

Laws of Motion Questions

Convex Mirror Questions

Acceleration Questions

Relative Density Questions

Soil Erosion Questions

Geothermal Energy Questions

Benefits of Concept Questions

  • Concept questions cover all the aspects of the meaning of the concept.
  • It will ensure that the students grasp each topic in the core concept, and resolve all issues on topics they have just studied.
  • Concept questions give an excellent complement to normal numerical problems as they require minimal or zero calculations, and instead allow the learners to become more familiar with the underlying fundamental concepts (example: how concepts relate to formulas).
  • It allows students to apply fundamental concepts to new complicated situations.
  • It enables students to identify the basic concepts to understand which method to invoke to solve numerical problems.
  • It allows students to visualise the physical system and apply it to conclude.
  • It enables students to arrive at multiple acceptable answers to a question.
  • Ultimately such questions will allow students to prepare for class evaluations and exams. By thoroughly studying the concept questions and answers, students will develop a solid base to learn complicated physics problems quickly.

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