CBSE Marks Wise Physics Important Question For Class 11 and 12

Physics (knowledge of nature) is the study of natural science that involves the study of matter, motion, behaviour through space and time, and entities of force and energy. Its basic goal is to understand the working of the universe, involving the various laws predicting the closely related nature of every particle.

Physics is an important subject for students who choose the Science stream in their higher education. It is important to have skills and a good understanding of the subject in order to score well in their examination. Students are advised to practise marks-wise important questions for class 11th and 12th, in order to excel in their papers. Good knowledge comes from good practice, thus we at BYJU’S provide students with marks-wise important questions that can be important from the exam point of view. Practising them would clear conceptual knowledge and enhance subject knowledge.

The Marks-Wise Important Questions for Physics are given below.

Class 11th Important Questions-

Class 12th Important Questions-



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