Value of Constants in Physics

The physical constants constitute an inseparable part of any discipline of physics. Constants in physics are the values of well definite parameters whose value remains invariant at any part of the universe. The values of constants are approved by the committee of experts and are experimentally verified for their validation.

What do you mean by the value of constants in physics?

The value of physical constants is a fixed numerical value. It does not involve directly in any of the measurements. But they are the backbone of many calculations and applications.

These definite values aid the learning process by bringing down the potential to be spent on grasping the concepts.

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Some commonly used constants in physics and their values along with units and meanings are listed below.

Value Of g On Moon Value Of g
Value Of Gravitational Constant Value Of Planck’s Constant
Value Of hc Epsilon Naught Value
Mu Naught Value Value Of Boltzmann Constant
Value Of Electron Value Of c
Value Of R In Atm Value Of One Light Year

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