Value Of Electron

An electron is a subatomic particle. Commonly represented as e or e. It posses negative polarity. An electron inherits the properties like – Charge, Mass, Spin etc. The values of electron imply the value of charge of electron, mass of electron and a quantum mechanical property- spin of electron along with corresponding units.

Charge Of Electron

The electric charge by an Electron is the unit elementary negative charge. The value is –

e = 1.60217662 × 10-19 Coulomb’s

The charge of electron is responsible for the electric charge.

Mass Of Electron

The mass of election is 1/1836 of proton mass. The value of electron mass is-

me = 9.10938356 × 10-31 Kilograms.

The values of charge and mass of electron are commonly used in solving problems in physics.

Electron Spin

Spin or angular momentum is an intrinsic quantum mechanical property of subatomic particles. The spin of electron is half-integral values

S = ½


The table given below comprises of the Mass, Charge and Spin value of electron along with units.

Value of electron


Electron charge

1.60217662 × 10-19


Electron charge in eV

1.60217662 × 10-19


Electron mass

9.10938356 × 10-31


Electron mass in amu


Atomic Mass Unit(amu)

Electron Spin


Hope you have learnt the value of electron, like- The mass of electron in Kilograms as well as in amu. The charge of electron in Coulombs and eV. The value of electron spin.

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