Mu Naught Value

Mu naught or µ0 is the permeability constant is synonymous to the permeability of free space or as magnetic constant. Mu naught value is the measure of the amount of resistance offered against the formation of the magnetic field in vacuum. It is often misspelled as the value of mu not instead of the value of mu naught.

Value Of Mu Naught

The value of mu naught(µ0) or the value of absolute permeability of free space is exactly defined until 20th May 2019

  • mu naught value : µ0 = 4pi × 10-7 H/m
  • approximated to µ0 = 12.57 × 10-7 H/m

Mu Naught Unit

The units in physics are the different scales to measure an entity. The value of mu naught is measured using henries per meter which is equivalent to newton(kg.m/s2) per ampere squared(N.A-2).

Hope you got to know the Mu naught value along with Mu naught unit in SI unit in physics.

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