CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 12 Chemistry Solved PDF

CBSE previous year question paper for class 12 Chemistry helps you to provide a better insight for your examination. The solution for the previous year question papers has been designed by a group of experts according to the CBSE pattern for chemistry.

The subject of Chemistry comprises of chemical reaction, equations, processes etc. So it can be very difficult for the students to learn each and every reaction. Thus, it is important to know the repeated pattern and the important topics which are generally asked in an examination. Here, previous year’s question papers play an important role by providing the CBSE important questions for class 12 to practice. Also, you get to know the steps of representation for the solution. Hence, to excel in your examination previous year’s question papers are necessary.

Given below, students can download the solutions for the previous year’s question papers for chemistry:

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Identify the product in the following reaction.