CBSE Biology Practicals Class 12

Practical experiments help students to visualise and learn the various concepts of Biology. Furthermore, the syllabus for the CBSE practical exam for Class 12 Biology introduces concepts that are likely to be taught in higher professional courses such as Medicine and Dentistry. The Biology Practical CBSE Class 12 experiments are given here to help students prepare for their Class 12 practical exam in a better way. For instance, most experiments presented here have content explaining the basis of the experiment.

Moreover, if you click on the list of CBSE Class 12 Biology Practical Experiments mentioned in this article below,  students can access the elaborate and exact steps, processes, procedures and precautions.

CBSE Class 12 Biology Practical Experiments

A. List of Biology Experiments for Term I
Isolate DNA from available plant material such as spinach, green pea seeds, papaya, etc.
Prepare a temporary mount to observe pollen germination.
List of Biology Experiments for Term II
Prepare a temporary mount of the onion root tip to study mitosis.
Collect and study soil from at least two different sites and study them for texture, moisture content, pH & water holding capacity. Correlate with the kinds of plants found in them.
Collect water from two different water bodies around you and study them for pH, clarity and presence of any living organism.
B. Study/observation of the following (Spotting) for Term I
Flowers adapted to pollination by different agencies (wind, insects, birds).
Identification of stages of gamete development, i.e., T.S. of testis and T.S. of ovary through permanent slides (from grasshopper mice).
Meiosis in onion bud cell or grasshopper testis through permanent slides.
T.S. of blastula through permanent slides (Mammalian).
Prepared pedigree charts of any one of the genetic traits such as rolling of tongue, blood groups, ear lobes, widow’s peak and colour blindness.
Study/observation of the following (Spotting) for Term II
Common disease-causing organisms Like Ascaris, Entamoeba, Plasmodium, Ringworm through permanent slides or specimens. Comment on symptoms of diseases that they cause.
Two plants and two animals (models/virtual images) found in xeric conditions. Comment upon their morphological adaptations.
Two plants and two animals (models/virtual images) found in aquatic conditions. Comment upon their morphological adaptations

The practical exam for Biology CBSE Class 12 is composed of 30 marks. Students should try to score well in the practical exam as it can improve their overall score in the final board examination. Students must have a good knowledge of the theoretical concepts before performing the experiments. This would help them to understand the fundamental concepts more efficiently.

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