Science Projects for Class 9

Education has been dynamically changing towards the digital era in a past decade with the pace in sphere preparing students to face new challenges in the society. The curriculum of every school makes the student to develop in all aspects – physical and mental growth.

The curriculum includes science projects, experiments and working models for building students skills rather than just concentrating on theories. This page will discuss about science projects for class 9 students. These science projects have been carefully designed to engage the young learners and make them interesting. If you are searching for the class 9 science project, then you are in the right place.Making science project for class 9 is easy, we provide you science projects that are visually good for demonstration in your school science exhibitions.

We have listed out few important Science projects for class 9 based on latest syllabus of science.

Observations of Magnetic Permeability

Observations of Magnetic Permeability

Magnets and electromagnets plays a very crucial role in machineries and device that we use in our daily lives. A machine is designed with the combination of conductivity and magnetic properties of different materials to perform specific function.
Water Pollution

Science Project on Water Pollution

This science project on water pollution is conducted to find out how human activities affect the quality of water in rivers. The river water need to be tested for its turbidity, acidity as well as for the presence of nitrate and ammonia.

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