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Class 12 is a very crucial phase in a student’s life. At this stage, students make their career related choices, which defines the course of their lives. Students taking Science in Class 11 have huge scope in future as the career options after 12 are numerous and varying. Here, some of the best courses after class 12 are mentioned, which will give the students an in-depth insight and help them to choose their desired career path, accordingly.

Every year students enrol for different courses in India like engineering, medical, law, etc. The graph given below depicts the total enrolment of students in the different courses after class 12 exam.

Courses After Class 12 Science
*This data is according to a news website.

In this article, the top courses after Class 12 Science are discussed which can help the science students to choose their preferred course accordingly.

First, what are the different science subjects?

There are a variety of subjects in science that the students can take up in their class 11. Among the various options, maths, physics, chemistry and biology are the most common ones. A graph is given below, which reflects the total students who took the CBSE class 12 board exam of the main science subjects.

Total CBSE Students
**This data is according to the CBSE website and the corresponding numbers represent the total registration in the corresponding subjects for the year 2017.

After 12th Science Courses List:

Among the various career choices in science, two of the most preferred fields are engineering and medical. Both these fields are highly competitive and offer excellent career opportunities. Both the fields have different eligibility requirements, which are mentioned below.

  • For engineering, students need to opt physics, chemistry and maths as main subjects and must pass the class 12 exam.
  • For a medical career, students are required to opt for biology compulsorily, along with physics and chemistry and should pass their class 12 exam.

Total students graduating from engineering and medical are among the highest in India. A graph is given below which gives an overview of the total graduating engineers in the last 3 years.

Total Enrolment

There are several more career options for the science students after their class 12 exam. A complete list of career courses after class 12 are given in the tables below.

Top Courses after 12th Science:

Courses after 12th with PCM

Sl. No. Course Name Course Duration
1. Engineering (B.E/ B.Tech) 4 years
2. Integrated MSc 5 years
3. Architecture (B.Arch) 5 years
4. BCA 3 years
5. B.Sc. in Nautical Science 3 years
6. B.Sc. in Statistics 3 years
7. Bachelor Programs in Economics 3 years

Courses after 12th with PCB

Sl. No. Course Name Course Duration
1. MBBS 5.5 years
2. BHMS (Homeopathy) 5.5 years
3. BAMS (Ayurvedic) 5.5 years
4. BUMS (Unani Medicine) 4.5 years
5. BDS (Dental Surgery) 4 years
6. BPT (Physiotherapy) 4.5 years
7. B.VSc and AH (Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry) 5 years
8. B.Sc. Nursing 4 years
9. B.Pharm (Bachelor of Pharmacy) 4 years
10. BNYS (Bachelor of Naturopathy & Yogic Science) 5.5 years (including 1 year internship)
11. B.Sc in Biotechnology 3 years
12. B.Sc. Home Science 3 years
13. BMLT (Medical Lab Technology) 3 years
14. BOT (Occupational Therapy) 4 years
15. B.Sc. Dairy Technology 3 years

Common Courses after 12th For PCM and PCB

Sl. No. Course Name Course Duration
1. B.Sc 3 years
2. B.A 3 years
3. B.Com 3 years
4. Bachelor of Law (LLB) 3 years
5. ICWA Program 8 to 18 months depending on the course
6. Media/ Journalism Courses 3 years
7. Hotel Management 3 years
8. B.Com 3 years
9. Graphic Designing Course 4 years
10. BCA 3 years
11. Defence sector
12. Fashion Technology (Bachelor of Fashion Technology) 4 years
13. CA Program
14. Travel & Tourism Courses 3 years
15. B.Ed 2 years
16. Bachelor of Applied Science 3 years

Diploma Courses after Class 12 Science

Sl. No. Course Name Course Duration
1. Web Designing 1-2 years
2. Fashion Designing 1 year
3. Graphic Designing 1 year
4. Mass Communication 1 year
5. Textile Designing 1 year
6. Computer Hardware 1 year
7. Diploma in Software Engineering 3 years
8. Event Management 1 year
9. Hospital & Health Care Management 1 year
10. Animation Film Making

These are a few courses after 12th science that the students can take. There are numerous other career options for the science students in India. Students are also advised to check the eligibility criteria and other respective details of the courses properly before applying.

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