Evolution Class 12 Notes


The Central Board of Secondary Education conducts examination for class 10th and 12th students, One such examination is for class 12th which is prime important for students career point of view. Along with their boards, student also need to pay attention towards competitive examinations. One of the important exam for the students who opt for the subject of Biology after class 12th is NEET.

We at BYJU’S provide students of class 12th notes for the Chapter of Evolution which is an important topic for their final assessment as well as for competitive examination.

The notes provided gives you the basic as well as advanced knowledge about the topic. Along with these notes, we also provide some Important question and NCERT solution for practice of question and different question that can be framed in an examination.

As we know that evolution is generally change in heritable characteristic of biological population over generation, which give rise to biodiversity at different level of biological organisation, including species, organism and molecules.

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

NCERT solution for class 12th Evolution

Important Question for class 12th Evolution


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Express 343 as a power of 7.