Important questions for class 9 Science

Important questions for Class 9 science play an important role for students preparing for class 9th. It gives an idea of questions that can be framed in an examination, also develops skills for miscellaneous questions which are generally neglected by students. Practicing important questions makes your learning effective and also improves your performance in your examination. These questions are systematically arranged according to the CBSE Class 9 Syllabus and is advised to be solved on a regular basis.

Important questions for Class 9 Science according to NCERT syllabus is as follows:

Practice more on Important questions to have a better conceptual knowledge.

Practise This Question

Which of the given processes are part of carbon cycle?

I. Release of carbon dioxide by the process of respiration.
II.Decomposition of plants and trees leads to formation of coal.
III.Conversion of organic compounds into ammonia through the process of ammonification.
IV.Formation of limestones.

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