Life Processes Class 10 Notes

What is Life Process?

The processes undergoing in living organisms to sustain life on earth is called as Life Process. For example respiration, growth, reproduction, digestion, etc. The life process class 10 notes are given in the links mentioned below.

The major criteria that decide whether a thing is alive or not alive are movement. The movements in animals are fast so it can be observed easily but the movements in plants are slow and are not observed easily.

Criteria for life process

  • Growth
  • Movement


The process by which an organism takes food and utilizes it to get energy, for repair, growth, maintenance, etc. and then excreting the waste material from the body is called nutrition. The materials which provide nutrition to living organisms are called nutrients. For example carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, etc.

Biology class 10 life processes notes are very important for students as it establishes the basic concept of students. The links for Class 10 science notes life process is given in the links below.

Students can check these Life Processes Class 10 Notes to prepare for their exam efficiently.

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