CBSE Class 4 Maths

The central board of secondary education is responsible for the betterment of the educational system of our country. With it being responsible for maintaining the curriculum and updating the syllabus in accordance with the times.

With maths having the reputation of being the most basic of all the subjects, there is quite a need to have a paramount understanding of the subject. In class 4 maths some important topics are covered like the introduction to decimals, perimeter and area. Some of the other topics included in the syllabus include fractions, time & date, unitary method, designs & patterns, and measurement of length, mass and capacity. With basic and yet important topics like these being included in the syllabus, it is imperative that students learn all of these topics with outright attention.

Chapter 1

Building with Bricks

Chapter 2

Long and Short

Chapter 3

A Trip to Bhopal

Chapter 4


Chapter 5

The Way The World Looks

Chapter 6

The Junk Seller

Chapter 7

Jugs and Mugs

Chapter 8

Carts and Wheels

Chapter 9

Halves and Quarters

Chapter 10

Play with Patterns

Chapter 11

Tables and Shares

Chapter 12

How Heavy? How Light?

Chapter 13

Fields and Fences

Chapter 14

Smart Charts

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