Chemistry Notes For Class 11 Chapter 1


Chapter 1 of CBSE class 11 chemistry is “Basic concepts of Chemistry”. The chapter, as the name suggests, deals with some of the few basic fundamentals that the students must know before learning the later chapters.

This chapter includes topics like the definition of chemistry, branches of chemistry, matter, compounds, etc. This chemistry notes for class 11 chapter 1 includes the detailed explanation of all the important concepts.

Visit the links given below to know more about the particular topics:

Basics and Branches of Chemistry

Matter and its Properties

Elements and Compounds


Atoms and Molecules

Laws Of Chemical Combination

Dalton’s Atomic Theory

Mole Concept

Atomic Mass And Molecular Mass


Mole Concept, Molar Mass And Percentage Composition

All these aforementioned topics are explained in an easy-to-understand way to help the students learn all the fundamentals of chemistry effectively. These notes also include several examples and formulas that are necessary to understand the higher level concepts easily.

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Chemical equilibrium is dynamic in nature because