Science Experiments for Class 5

You cannot deny the fact that, “Science is amazing!” Biological concepts of life, natural aspects of our planet Earth, optical illusions created by light & mirror, and candle underwater experiment – all of these are as fascinating as studying the theory of Science. Being a Fifth Grade student, this sense of wonder often might have drawn you towards various scientific activities and experiments.

Let’s explore some of them for you, so that next time when you participate in a Science Exhibition, your Project becomes one of a kind.

Science Experiments For Class 5

Tornado in a Bottle

One of the most interesting science experiments for 5th grade is the tornado in a bottle. This project is a classic example for science fair and every student will love it. In this experiment water will create a way to an empty bottle through a device that connects the two bottles.
Science Experiments for Class 5

Lava Lamp

Now you can prepare a lava lamp by reading this science experiment. The lava lamp can be prepared using simple household materials like, food coloring, vegetable oil and bottle. This lamp will make your science project a great success.
Science Experiments for Class 5


An anemometer a measuring device that is used to measure the speed of wind. There are many types of anemometer depending upon the different situations, ecosystem and measurement. To measure accurate wind speed, the anemometer are designed to be more accurately and will be using ultrasonic and laser measuring technology.

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